Zythuus on Spalenberg – where tradition becomes a living passion for watches

In Kornbrot house built in 1349 Spalenberg, the narrowest house in the city of Basel, the private collection of watches of Messrs. Spinnler and Schweizer is now situated.It contains a collection of watches of various styles and designs. These include a forged church clock, a simple hand wound alarm clock, and also Swatch. You can also admire watches of the past centuries. Maybe you even recognize a model, “I had one of those once”. This phrase is often heard! The first watch that Hans Spinnler sold on 4 February 1985 at Marktplatz, an IWC engineer in stainless steel, has found its way back to us and can be admired in the Zythuus. The history of Swiss watchmaking is also a story of families, such as Breitling, Tissot or Heuer, who have made the Swiss watch world-famous with the great passion for their work.

If you would like to visit Zythuus we are open one day a month. We are happy to guide you through our exhibition and tell you about the evolution of watchmaking and the story of Jean-Marie, a simple watch worker from the last century.