The diamond with guaranteed provenance

The special feature of a Canadamark™ diamond is its guaranteed provenance and traceable history, which can be checked online using an engraved serial number. The certificate of origin, which accompanies each Canadamark™ diamond along with the international GIA certificate, includes the name of the mine from which the diamond originates as well as its weight as raw crystal before the cut and as sparkling brilliant for the perfect Machining by qualified diamond grinders.

Canadamark™ diamonds have been napping for thousands of years in a fascinating setting in northwestern Canada, near the Arctic Circle, before they come to life; it is a nature barely touched by civilization, a region that can only be reached by land over ice for two months. Environmental protection is a top priority as the explorers of the two mines Ekati and Diavik attach great importance to preserving nature in its original condition; In addition, they exercise their social responsibility by sustainably strengthening the community of people who live and work there, by guaranteeing health and safety and by fairly paying them.

We are very pleased to be able to offer you this special diamond line from the traditional Swiss jewelery manufacturer FRIEDEN.