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Jewelled Light – The Diamond Collection

The incomparable light of Capolavoro diamonds is framed by delicate, feminine rose gold or the elegant expressiveness of white gold. This classic combination of diamonds and gold receives a fascinating reinterpretation in the ‘Jewelled Light’ collection with lines that have their own distinctive character and unique impact. Dynamic shapes, fluid compositions, surprising moments of transparency, diamonds of different sizes, opulent draped designs and much more. If you are looking for something special, you will find it in Capolavoro’s new classic diamond jewellery. The new notion of casual diamonds shows just how versatile these fascinating gems can now be as all-rounders for any occasion. Wonderfully contemporary lines with coloured and white diamonds.

Jewelled Light – The Colour Collection

The richness of life in all its facets, with all its colours and shades: bursting with life, irresistible in its vast wealth of associations and expressions. The Colour Collection represents the allure of life as a unique spectrum and encapsulates it in stunning masterpieces full of boundless joy. Brimming with delight at the magnificence of life. Mesmerising coloured gemstones are set off by various shapes and cuts, creating a spellbinding portfolio. There are countless possible combinations and the pieces can be mixed and matched with other Capolavoro ranges. This collection boasts everything from radiantly transparent to mysteriously opaque gems as cabochons, droplets or perfectly round stones. Vibrant colours or subtle nude and powder shades. With or without diamonds. With citrines, purple and green amethysts, topazes in every conceivable shade, rubellites and moonstones in popular trendy colours – the list goes on and on. In short, it has everything that bathes life in beauty.

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