What your watch does

Your mechanical watch is a highly accurate, small machine that can do amazing things. The clockwork runs continuously during daily use. This means that the balance of the movement – the heart of the clock – pulsates back and forth 28,800 times per hour. If you were to transfer the angular distance travelled by a point on the balance rim to the 16-inch wheel of a car, you would reach an average speed of 90 km / h. After one year, there would be 8,760 operating hours (365 days x 24 hours) or 788,400 kilometres. Hardly any car engine could withstand this strain. To ensure that your watch continues to perform well, we recommend having your watch serviced by our specialists every four to six years. By then 3,942,00 km will have even completed. This is 100 times the circumference of the earth or several trips to the moon and back. The waterproofness should be checked – independent of a maintenance – more often, ideally once a year. Of course, we are happy to do a check-up of your watch to test if a service or the replacement of seals is necessary. The appreciation that we attach to watches is our obligation. Even after the sale, we are there for your watch. Precious watches always need care and maintenance. That is why we have created a kind of “wellness oasis” for watches in Basel. Be it for a battery change or for a time-consuming maintenance – your favourite watch will experience a complete service in the expert hands of our watchmakers. After this “wellness treatment” of the clockwork, the clock case and metal band will be refreshed.


Steps for the revision of a wristwatch


Check case, movement and band


Prepare a detailed estimate


Disassembling the complete watch, removing the clockwork


Replacement of defective parts according to cost estimate


Cleaning of all mechanical parts in a special cleaning machine (4 cleaning baths)


Assembly and inspection of the movement


Setting and adjusting various parameters, oiling the clock


Special control of the escapement and adjustment of the rate


Functional check of the basic movement without additional complications


Structure and functional control of the complications


Assembly and inspection of dial and hands, repeated function control


Polish-up and clean the clock case and metal bands


Renewal of all seals, reset glass


Installation of the movement and closing the clock case


Accuracy checking, control in five different positions


Control of all additional functions such as date, second time zone, chronograph etc.


Waterproofness control with test certificate


Control of the power reserve and accuracy over five days


Optical and functional final check

Only when a revised clock has successfully completed these extensive work steps and controls, we will give you the newly serviced watch with a one-year warranty, unless otherwise agreed. The revision of a three-hand watch takes between four to five hours. The revision of a chronograph takes six hours to complete.

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