The watchmaker’s atelier

At the same time as the business transformation of Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer, the project “New watchmaker’s atelier” was tackled. Watchmakers work in a quiet, bright atmosphere in the same building on Basel’s Marktplatz. For the watch specialists, it is part of the company’s philosophy to offer customers comprehensive service with their own atelier. “A total of five trained watchmakers are employed at the Basel Marktplatz at Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer. This is unique in Basel”, explains Roger Schweizer. A watch shop has always had its own watchmaker’s atelier as an important and integral part of it. It has always been like that – but will it stay that way? Unfortunately, the trend is completely different. An own studio has become almost luxury. “The customer who buys a watch from us may reasonably expect us to be there for the service. And here on site. Uncomplicated, reliable and punctual. Just like our watches”, smiles Roger Schweizer. The traditional house on the Basel Marktplatz was completely rebuilt in early 2014. The result was an oasis of different brand worlds that invites you to immerse yourself in the world of Swiss watches. However, the in-house watchmaker’s atelier had to be removed from the gallery. True to the motto “There is always a new beginning”, the watch atelier of Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer was completely redesigned. One floor up, the new atelier was constructed. With new features, contemporary equipment, and the necessary technology for all needs. It has a pleasantly quiet, light-filled atmosphere.

“Our watchmaker’s atelier is officially certified by our brand partners – for example Rolex, IWC Schaffhausen, Breitling and Longines. We an do a lot of work here on site, that is usually sent to the factory. That’s perfect for our customers”, explains Ansgar Ruf, master watchmaker. The question of the in-house watchmaker’s atelier can certainly become the criterion for trusting a watchmaker. The range of services of the watchmaker’s atelier is manifold. Priority will be given to service work on all watches purchased at Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer. The customer can expect that as part of our philosophy. Revisions and restorations are also part of this, as the shop on the Basler Marktplatz is the preeminent specialist for vintage clocks in northwestern Switzerland. Times change, store design too – but what remains are the true values: a watch shop with its own watchmaker’s atelier.