We buy your brand watch or sell it on your behalf.

The choice of our watch range is literally immense. Nevertheless, it is possible that your preferred watch is out of stock. We are happy to order it for you.

Within a few working days, our specialists will restring your pearl or stone necklace so that you can enjoy it again without any limits. Optimal is an annual check of your necklace by our experts, of course, free of charge.

The professionally competent advice is very important to us. Because your purchase at our shop is the beginning of a relationship. We ensure and improve the quality of our consultations through periodic customer surveys.

Our shop windows are regularly decorated by our freelance decoration designer. This way, you already get a “through the window” up-to-date overview of our range.

We assure full discretion regarding all your purchases.

In our refined salesrooms, we advise you in a tasteful and relaxed atmosphere. We take plenty of time, so that your purchase becomes a lasting experience.

With every watched purchased from us you receive an internationally valid guarantee. For jewellery we annually check the setting and handles of the gemstones for you.

Gift making is joy! With our popular gift vouchers, you will make hearts beat faster.

Insider magazine
Once a year, in spring, we reward our valued customers by presenting to them the latest trends in the world of watches and jewellery – via the insider magazine Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer AG.

We are happy to provide you with the catalogues of all our watch and jewellery brands free of charge. For shipping abroad, we will charge a contribution of CHF 25.– to Europe and CHF 50.– overseas.


Take advantage of our free checks. Before going on holiday or at the start of the bathing season, we check the battery condition and waterproofness of your watch.

For your jewellery we take look at the settings of the gemstones, the string of the pearl necklaces and the condition of the closure.

Replacement watch
For repairs that take a longer time, we will gladly provide you with a replacement watch for everyday use.

For a watch or jewellery repair, we will of course provide a detailed quote. This quotation is binding for us and guarantees the offered price range. For an offer without subsequent order, we charge the fees required by the watch companies for the preparation of the quotation, plus postage and value insurance.

Unpacking a gift is a special and beautiful moment. That is why we create gift packs with pleasure and love, for your loved.

We handle the dispatch of valuable watches via Secure Post. Depending on the value of the watch, the costs amount to more than CHF 100.–. For sending your watch to the supplier, we charge postage, expenses and value insurance, at the cost of CHF 58.–.

Five trained watchmakers and our goldsmith vouch for the highest quality of the repairs we carry out on the watches of the represented brands. In the atelier we have the most modern equipment and, in our warehouse there are several thousand spare parts; which means a quick repair can be guaranteed.

Control repair
Each repaired watch will be checked for function and accuracy of the movement for one week. If there is even the smallest irregularity, the duration of the examination will be extended until we are completely satisfied with all details.

A high-quality watch range and a selected range of jewellery are available in our shop. If we do not represent a brand ourselves, we can, thanks to our good relationship with the watchmaking association, order almost any watch.

We check watches or jewellery for authenticity and confirm their insurance value.

When looking for a special watch, a limited edition, which is no longer available, we will record your details and search for the watch you want.

Sale / Customer sales order
We sell your brand watch, after a functional check in our shop, we will sell on your behalf. We will deduct a commission and you will receive the remainder of the sales price in form of a voucher, its validity is unlimited.

On our internet platform you will find all relevant information about Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer AG. And we inform you about news and special features at an early stage.

We conduct employee meetings and training consistently, so that you can always rely on well-trained specialists in our shop.

We accept all common debit cards like Maestro or Postcard. Credit cards from VISA, American Express, Diners, Eurocard Mastercard are welcome as well. Repairs must always be paid in cash.

On the Spalenberg, in a carefully renovated craftsman’s house from the Middle Ages, there is a small, private watch museum of Chronometrie Spinnler + Schweizer AG. This museum invites you to learn more about the eventful history of Swiss watchmaking.

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