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We are Spinnler + Schweizer

We have time for you.

A team of experts you can rely on. Through years of experience, our excellently qualified specialists know that the purchase of watches and jewellery is a matter of trust. Whether you celebrate a milestone or fulfil yourself a long-standing dream, we are with you. Visit us on Marktplatz in Basel and let us advise you personally, comprehensively, and professionally.


Roger Schweizer

Certified Horologist, Owner

“Accompanying our customers with individual advice and an outstanding after-sales service, while experiencing their joy for a new piece of jewellery or a new watch first-hand, this is what inspires me every day.”


Roger Jacquat

Certified Horologist, Manager

“There is a fitting watch or a fitting piece of jewellery for every person and for every occasion. Therefore, attentive advice to find the right product for you is particularly close to my heart.”

Watchmaker’s Studio

Ansgar Ruf:

“Our watchmaker’s studio is officially certified by our brand partners”


It is our philosophy to provide our customers with an exhaustive service in situ. Uncomplicated, reliable, and timely. Our studio is located in-house, one floor above the shop on Marktplatz. There, our excellently trained watchmakers cover many services, for which your watches would have to be sent to the manufacturers elsewhere. Our studio boasts state-of-the-art equipment and is officially certified by all our brand partners.


“You can rely on your watch performing accurate work every day. And on us valuing this reliable performance with the highest precision in every service.”

Whether it is for a battery change or for extensive repairs – with us, your watch is in the most expert hands. After the sale, we will still be there for you at any time and ensure that your watch and its delicate components are cared for professionally and according to the latest state of the art.  



The revision of a wristwatch follows 19 clearly defined steps. Once these and all associated checks have been successfully completed, you will receive your watch back with a one-year warranty.


Checking case, movement, and wristband


Preparing a detailed quote


Disassembling the complete watch and removing the movement


Replacing of defective parts according to quote


Cleaning of all mechanical parts in a special cleaning machine


Reassembling the movement


Setting and adjusting of various parameters, oiling


Special controlling of the escapement and adjusting the rate


Functional checking of the basic movement without additional complications


Structuring and functional checking of the complications


Reassembling and functional checking of dial and hands


Polishing and cleaning of the case and metal bands


Renewal of all seals, resetting of the glass


Reassembling of the movement and closing the case


Checking accuracy in five different positions


Checking of all additional functions such as date, second time zone, chronograph etc.


Checking waterproofness with certification


Checking power reserve and accuracy over five days


Optical and functional final check

Once these and all associated checks have been successfully completed, you will receive your watch back with a one-year warranty.

Come visit us

We look forward to welcoming and advising you in our specialist shop on Marktplatz in Basel. To ensure that we can give you our full attention, it is best to make an individual appointment.

Besuchen Sie uns

Wir freuen uns, Sie in unserem Fachgeschäft am Marktplatz in Basel begrüssen und beraten zu dürfen. Damit wir ganz für Sie da sein können, vereinbaren Sie am besten einen individuellen Termin.